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I don't own any of the pictures here. Do you know what that means? It means you can take 'em, and do what you wish to them. You can put them on your pages, print them out and stick them on your walls, make one into your secret best friend, or whatever you want.

If you have any pictures that I don't have, or that you have taken, send them to me, and I will post them, and give you FULL CREDIT. If it is a photo you have taken, I'll lable it so people won't steal it, and take it down if you ever want me too. All you have to do is e-mail me.

The below picture was sent to me by Karl, and it was taken during Ozzfest in Ireland, May 26th, 2002. Because of the fact that it is not my picture, nor the picture of some faceless corperation, and he did say that he was sending it only to me, I ask that you look at, but not steal this picture.

Shavo lookin' goofy at Ozzfest

These pics were taken and sent in by Marlies! They were taken at the Lowlands Festival in The Netherlands. It seems SOAD played an awsome show, and for some reason I *Think * Shavo may not be wearing his pants on a couple of pics. But anyway, HUGE thanks to Marlies for the awsome pics!

First Pic

Second Pic

Third Pic

Fourth Pic

Fifth Pic

Sixth Pic

Seventh Pic

Eighth Pic

Ninth Pic

This live pic was sent to me by Mark Bridle. If you feel like you want to put it up on your page, please e-mail me for permission first.

Live Pic of Serj


The cover art for Toxicity!!!


Click here to see pics at!!

The above website is about WEED. It shows pics in there of the guys smoking weed (except for John), and if this disturbes/bugs you, DON'T CLICK ON IT!!!! But if you're cool with it, click the link to see some wicked pics of Serj, Shavo and Daron. *p.s. Serj looks really funny when he's stoned!!*


Black and white group shot

Spiky pic of Shavo

Daron, lookin all shiny....

John, hiding behind a drumset

Serj dancing...under possible drug influence

Serj..with some funky hair, and John in the backround

Daron attempting to bite through his necklace

Shavo trying to moo like a cow

Serj and Shavo

A round group pic

A cool pic of Shavo

Serj singing

Serj singing....again...

Cool "Metro" group pic

John looking rather shocked

Daron, looking rather hardcore

Serj singing....yet again

A HOT pic of Shavo

Daron's BIG SMILE!

Another pic of John

A cool group pic

Another cool group pic.

Cool animated goup pic

Thanks to for the above picture.

Shavo rockin

OH NO!!! Daron's going to slice Serj's head off!!

a REALLY good pic of Serj.

What happens when all of SOAD get in the same shower to save time.

Send $7.00 plus $4.00 shippin and handeling and you will get.....

Its flooding!

After the flood they were just chillin

Again, a shower delema

The guys lookin all classy and stuff.

Trashin the men's room! With twins!!

Shavo looking at something

Daron sees a UFO!!

Stop right there!!

Shavo and Daron rockin...

Serj, through the eyes of a drunk.

Wicked pic of John drumming

John and one of his buddies!

John looking at a UFO

Daron looking like 50's space creature

Daron wearing pajama bottoms on stage

Shavo's bass strap screams "Don't hug me."

Shavo, with alot of paint.

John and Sully Erna (Godsmack) chillin'

John and Sully gettin a little more touchy-feely

Shavo with a murderous gleem in his eye

Wicked pic of Shavo

John showing his love

Closeup of Daron w/ face paint

Shavo creeping up on Slipknot. Run Slipknot!! Before its too late!!

Daron in plaid pants

Never trust someone who looks like this:

Shavo catching a grape

Something scared Daron

Look down, look WAY down..

Shavo is evil

Daron chillin'

Kinda gotta wonder about Serj's shirt...

Serj either falling or yawning.....or both

Shavo: DUH!

If Daron joined Kittie, he'd look like this

Shavo smiling at the sky

Red group pic

Serj is REALLY happy!

I stole this pic from!! *snickers*

Shavo w/ wicked double-goatee

Shavo with a REALLY nice bass

Shavo and John chillin'

Daron and his guitar...

John drumming w/ face paint

Look behind you John!!!

Serj with a nice hat

Serj, REALLY up close

Shavo and John on Farmclub

Shavo doing what he does best

Shavo and John getting interviewed

The guys waiting to go on stage

Coal Chamber has new members...

A colorful pic of Daron

Another colorful pic of Daron

John with no skin

Still no skin on that drummer.

Serj in a really nice....dress type thing?...I dunno..

Serj is shocked and amazed.

Shavo got into the paint shed

Not again Shavo! I have to put a lock on that shed.

A real dramatic pic of Serj

Shavo shows some teeth

Serj got scared.

Daron is concentrating.

Serj with an afro and an childish gleam in his eye

Daron in a strange red light

This is just one freakin' disturbing picture

Serj with a mini-afro perm type thing

Shavo is green with envy

Serj has all the intensity of one of those little breathmints

All I can say is "Wow"

Daron gives us the finger

Serj...Daron...Rick Ruben

Shavo is very thin

Neat new group pic

Thats not a real healthy skin tone, Shavo